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SoBo car owner hires a co-passenger to assist while driving

07, Dec 2018 By godlikekk

The recent installation of CCTV cameras to trap speeding cars in Mumbai has been a boon to many mechanical engineering students looking out for internships during their courses.

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Mr. Khush Patel, a South Bombay (SoBo) car owner hired a co-passenger to assist him while driving around in his brand new Nano. While the Nano has a top speed of 80 km/h, Mr. Patel was flabbergasted to find that he had challans of more than Rs. 5,000 for over-speeding across the city. “I was shocked to see that I was charged for over-speeding when I barely cross 60 km/h even after stepping hard on the accelerator. Where all do you expect the drivers to look… on the roads to avoid potholes or watch out for the cameras above? I had recently read that many mechanical engineers are pursuing careers in IT for lack of mechanical jobs in India. So, I immediately offered a summer internship to a mechanical engineering student from a reputed city college (Sorry, I can’t reveal the name of the college as I would like to hire more students on a rotating basis) at a stipend of only Rs. 2,000. That way, I can peacefully zoom around the city in my Nano.” Mr. Patel was reported as one of the strictest employers as any speeding fines applied while the student was in the car with him would be deducted from the stipend. “I have very strict conditions to be followed during the internship”, Mr. Patel added.

While the first student to get the internship, Rahul Khanna, was elated to get the internship as he could now add a line on his CV, he expressed minor dissatisfaction when he realized that Mr. Patel actually lived in Wadala (E) and described himself as a SoBo resident in the pre-placement talk. “I thought he stayed somewhere close to my home at Marine Lines. I was surprised to know that even Wadala was included as a part of SoBo by NDTV in describing its recent tanker accident. However, I am happy that I have an internship now as I always wanted to do automobiles specialization in my mechanical engineering course.”