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Software Engineer got fired for writing original non-copied code

04, Dec 2016 By Sarkeshwar
Man shocked
Sergey Kumar shocked

Mumbai. Sergeykumar Brin a software engineer from a Mumbai based IT firm, today lost his job owing to lack of copied code in his new project.

According to our sources, Sergey Kumar a newly recruit software developer used to write all his programming code by himself, without copying anything from internet or old projects. Being repeatedly warned for this behaviour, today he was relieved from his duties.

“His habit cost us more man hours and I can’t add any more hours in a 24 hour work shift of a software engineer”, told his project manager. “Testing department was also not prepared as they always received projects which were copy paste material since a decade, you know”, he further added.

If our sources are to be believed, this said IT firm has procured a tool to verify that every future project is plagiarized from now on.