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Techie got suspended for dozing off in between working hours

23, Sep 2017 By donaldeinstein

Varun a test engineer got suspended today from TCS (Tata C’ya Solutions) as he dared to chase his passion during office hours. According to sources, testing team has a regression cycle. The teams have to showcase their caliber to detect any defect arising in the system under different environments. So Varun was a fresher who was absorbed by one of the big teams in company earlier this year. After working day and night the team had raised around 100 defects and informed the client. However, their defects were termed as baseless by the development team and a spat triggered.

And he just slept!
And he just slept!

The client addressed both the teams via conference and gave an equal opportunity to put forth their arguments. It was in middle of this argument that the client noticed Varun, who dozed off momentarily on the floor. The picture was clicked and shared by a senior developer. As Varun was a newbie to the team, he had no idea as how to put blame on others. He wanted to look cool and slept on floor. But things did not turn up as expected. His photograph was circulated through internal mailers and employees were warned to surrender any amount of ‘passion’ left in them immediately. Recently Dhoni was seen dozing off as the crowd disrupted an ongoing match. Though Varun idolized MS, he said in statement recorded by the HR that he got unconscious and fell on the floor. He was later let off on medical grounds with a warning.

But Varun finally got suspended today as he was found sleeping in the pantry while other team mates were having coffee. Again the development team had clicked this photo and mailed it to HR department. Pictures of Dhoni resting in airport was viral earlier this day, and the HR suspects this is another stunt from Varun to prove his ‘bahkti’ for Dhoni. Varun has been suspended until further notice.

The only statement given by officials is “We want our employees to Excel in MS office and not get inspired by MS Cool”.