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Tongue wagging could make power!

20, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Just as Paani Bin Sab Kucch Soun, so as without the electricity prevails the darkness everywhere. The power provides the quick light and removes the darkness in seconds. What a miraculous gift of the modern science for the mankind! But what makes us depressed is its controlled supply owing to some overt or covert technical reasons. This also remains a constant headache for the efficient engineers and the professional technicians. However, there is said to be available a very natural source of the electrical energy.

It can amply augment a lot of extra power generation. What is required at this point of time is the research work on this unique idea. Though there goes on a lot of diligent discussion on this very abnormal plan, none has so far shown deep interest in its initiation. We do know of massive scientific progress in every field of our life and if it could also be taken up, it would definitely improve further. There is need of willpower and determination in kicking off this novel scheme. This energy has been supposed to be wasting since the time immemorial. It is nothing but the simple conversational quality of the women for which they continuously apply their tongue.

This tongue wagging movement is required to be exploited for the electricity generation. The technique has to be explored. It is indicated that the scientists are hand in glove for taking up this scheme but the solution is yet not come. If they happened to explore the method of generating electricity through wagging tongue the whole of the universe would get non-stop power supply, as is considered normally. Along with the fresh output of the electricity, there exists solution to the low voltage problem.  It entails only condemnation of other half’s parental home and the low voltage debacle gets resolved soon.