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Trains under no setting reverse

05, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The train never stops to run. The train never looks back. The train simmers at all times. But one incident has tangled above avowals in disarray. A weekly Special Lucknow-bound train was wrongly put on the Allahabad track. It arrived at Kanpur Junction from Mumbai.  The train even reached Shanti Nagar crossing here. The staff realised the grave mistake and worked out a plan of timely correction of the erroneous shift in the direction. The train which was to move for Lucknow was on the track leading towards Allahabad. The train was directed to reach older British days’ capital rather to present-day capital.

Sooner the mistake was corrected by calling back the train after blocking that route. This was a firmly clear case of off the beam signalling. We were used to listening about the people boarding the wrong train. Due to lack of proper information about the trains the people committed this sort of mistake. When they learnt of wrong boarding it was too late. They had to get off the train at another platform. Some even followed chain pulling or jumping off the slow-moving train. They resorted to such risky method simply because of the fact that the train could not be brought back.

However, the recent occurrence proved of the train’s redirection on the backward station. If that train would not have been redirected to Kanpur Central there was no technique to send it to Lucknow. Ultimately the passengers had to face the brunt of the railways’ inaccuracies. The trains become late for hours. Was it not an aberration of serious nature? Movement of the trains depends completely on the signalling system. This was the case of route re-direction. It was not layman’s fault but the railways’ experienced hands did this type of blunder. What remained a matter of satisfaction was grabbing the inaccuracy within time.