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Aadhar goes International: Govt. mandates to link Aadhar Card with Green Card

17, Dec 2017 By The Satire Sadhu

In the recent move, Indian Government has made and agreement with US Government for linking Aadhar Card with Green Card. UIDAI has made an announcement today stating the next big Aadhar linking.

"Mitron, sab ko Aadhar link karwana hai"
“Mitron, sab ko Aadhar link karwana hai”

The sources say that the announcement is the post effect of recent Modi-Trump meeting at ASEAN summit in Manila. Unofficial sources also confirm that recent visit of Ivanka Trump also worked as a catalyst in the decision. Ivanka was stunned by Aadhar benefits during her recent visit and wanted to apply for a Aadhar card which UIDAI said rejected stating she is not a resident of India. As an alternate Trump has agreed to link Aadhar Card to Green Card as an initial stage for Aadhar linking for US citizens and the last date has been given as 31st December 2017 for existing green card holders. It has been also mentioned that Green Card will become invalid if you fail to link it with Aadhar card before the said date.

Meanwhile , there is a lot of tension between US green Card holders for linking the Green Card. Trump Administration has not provided with any further information , while as UIDAI employees are excited as they are considering US trip for linking and generating Aadhar as a short trip (onsite opportunity).

Thinking at what will be the next mandate of govt will be to link Aadhar card, Chandu Srivastava has started linking all his available cards with Aadhar Cards including the UNO cards and game cards. While asked on the incident UIDAI chairman however has rejected the claim and said there is no requirement of including Aadhar Card in set of cards however we may think on that now. Although, he said that Aadhar card will be soon a mandate to operator elevators buttons and citizens without Aadhar card will not be able to use elevator.