Saturday, 25th January, 2020

Acute shortage of Virgins after MOAB attack

18, Apr 2017 By Sanchit Jain

Our special correspondent from Heavens24 channel, has reported that after US dropped #MOAB on ISIS location in Afghanistan, there has been acute shortage of virgins. Many ISIS senior leaders who were evaporated in the attack demanded that first Lott of virgins should be provided to them and not to the fresher and younger ones.


It should be noted that as for each dead ISIS member 72 virgins are required but as #MOAB killed hundreds in one go so many virgins cannot be supplied at such short notice.

In a news conference in Delhi yesterday, Mr. Kejriwal blamed Modi for this shortage and demanded that Dr. Zakir Naik should lead an CBI team to heavens and investigate the matter so that truth can become clear.

#ExpressNewsUpdate: A young ChaploosAAP party member, who couldn’t attend yesterday’s Kejriwal press conference as he was busy in making a personal short movie told Heavens24 channel news reporter, that he is ready to go heaven and do the investigation by himself. When our reporter asked what makes him think that he is qualified for such task, CAAP member proudly clarified that he has claimed so many virgins on earth that he knows how to find the truth.