America dumps girlfriend Pakistan for an Indian hug

07, Jan 2018 By burabandar

It was an affair made in Jannat. He was wealthy & full of abs, most of her relatives were abs-conding members of Al-Quaida, LeT & the likes. He had a thing for BDSM (Being Decisive through Selective Means) & she was a true explosion. They dated, they flirted, they did a many adventures in sin & now they’re parted.

America, the tattooed chopper riding bully boy of world has finally dumped his muse through the Cold Wars, the bomb daughter of terrorism, Pakistan. Rumors has it, the bad boy is wooing the girl next door to Pakistan (lieterally), India.

Go to hell, Pakistan
Go to hell, Pakistan

What happened, no one knows exactly, but since America decided to not spend close to $300MN for a new year bash for his sweetheart, this is more or less unofficially confirmed. While a group of observers believe this to America’s wish to finally settle down in a stable relationship, others whisper about an illicit linkage between Pakistan & her close friend China. Pakistan, as is widely believed has long been flirting with China & double-timing America, himself an expert of the game.

But this is no 3-sided love affair, it has four corners and the 4th one of this piece of square happens to be India, yes that bride material Kali of Kashmir. The same India that snubbed the snobbish America & forming a nun sisterhood of NAM (Non Aligned Movement) is finally dreaming an American dream. Yes, they say, the pressure of domestic LPG (of the cylinder) & promise of external LPG (Liberation Privatization Globalization) is what did her in.

To understand the psychology of this complex relationship quadrant, we talked to the Stranger than stranger things relationship expert & serial serial producer, Ekta Kapoor. This is what she had to say, “This is a Complex Rishta of emotions & betrayals. Kyunki Pakistan bhi Kabhi padosi tha, that is why, she would never want to be given a Uttaran treatment in lieu of India. India may value her Pavitra Rishta with America now but she needs to be cautious because of the latter’s reputation of being a Mastizaade.”