Thursday, 21st November, 2019

American wish dashed at UNO

27, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

It was not flighty but completely real at the United Nations as a total of 128 countries did not comply with America’s Jerusalem wish and within flashy moments of voting it was face down into a pillow screaming—the cushion barely numbing its quirky plea at the cost of aid. What was louder and louder America rose at both the spots like General Assembly and Security Council, there remained deep denial on part of the member countries?

The US of A might consider of every development coming in accordance with the regulations and that for that reason there was no necessity to overturn its previous decision of shifting embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which happens to be the place of three religions.

We were going at this international news for our beloved country has also voted in favour of the Palestinians that was why it fell short of US Friendship List. Like India, votes of 14 to 1 in the Security Council and the 128 to 9 in the General Assembly were reported. Every opposite country had to bear with Trump’s resentment of “you cannot go like that.” These countries appeared to have settled with pulling their votes straight up, pointing to the global circumstances at the year’s concluding days, and confining their valued support in the expandable friendship strap.

The American president Donald Trump seemed to have tolerated enough from anti-resolution stand yet he did not let them see his immediate complaints about their Turkish sponsored noise. It appears as a nice gesture from the toffee-nosed president. He could realise of his economically advanced, militarily powerful country no longer possessing the well-established traditional roaring capacity but its almighty dollars have certainly possessed that kind of particular power made previously clear before the UNO, which had been created to create peace and justice in the world.