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Angela Merkel allegedly trying to conquer world with Mein Kampf

18, Jan 2016 By brendan9

Frankfurt: After Adolf Hitler’s autobiographical campaign leaflet of a manuscript finally got published and flew off the shelves as fast as Subramaniam Swamy makes up his conspiracy theories, the German Chancellor has become embroiled in a very controversial issue.

Ever since the copyright of Mein Kampf expired in the country, everyone from academicians to students, to left wing activists and Neo-Nazis have been picking up copies of the books. Advanced orders have been placed and the printers are running overtime to meet the burgeoning demand for Hitler’s dream to conquer the world.

The Germen
The Germen

This hasn’t been very good for Angela Merkel since whispers of her trying to incite the people and raise nationalist tempers have begun doing the rounds in Berlin. Sources in the know of things claim the academicians who claim that the book will have pointers to the same in a modern context are just trying to make it more explosive, editing the contents and readying the stage for the ‘Fourth Reich’ that Merkel will usher in. And the first country to be annexed under this grand scheme? Greece.

The Chancellor, in a special interview to Faking News, said, “What nonsense? Do I look like Hitler to you? Do I? Tell me before I ask Colonel Handa of the SS to arrest you. It is all ridiculous of course? Hail Me!”

Government officials refuse to give credibility to what they term as just wild accusations and rumours but a highly placed official, on condition of anonymity, revealed that the government was “worried about the people knowing the truth believing the rumours and that people may have to be killed need to be urged to remain calm to maintain peace.”

An online blog claims that it was the machinations of German economics that really bankrupted Greece and soon Prime Minister, who is the site claims is sold out, will sell out the nation to Merkel. PM Alexis Tsipras, who now cannot even afford a spokesperson on account of being broke, had this to say, “Why would I sell out my country? If I want to, I can sell the ruins of my country, the rights to build an army base, the controlling rights of public sector banks. Then why would I sell out my country? This is outrageous!”

Now, only time will tell whether or not Germany’s ambitions are rising once again because this is all what British PM David Cameron had to say, “It’s all jolly good old fellow, don’t bother.”