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Austrian tries to travel with horse

01, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

There will be no gentle introduction to an Austrian who had tried to have the guts of boarding train with his pet horse. He amply concentrated on his lungful breathing even though the stern move on the part of train conductors made his stomach muscles wobble unhappily.

Who will be in breach of the rules all set for the train journey? I speculate. An Austrian man reportedly tried effortlessly to board two trains with his unusual companion, a horse. His resolve was quite reckless but it began to faint after the train conductors’ straight objection.

They openly refused to carry such a big pet animal on the journey. It has been demonstrated by this incident that it was certainly not easy for anyone to enter the train’s bogey with the big animals despite being its pet character.

His endeavour to travel with the horse named Frieda in the state of Styr of that European country was somewhat completely afresh before the modern world. However, the small harmless animals were said to have been making travel through the train time and again.

It was not easy for the Austrian man to board the train with his horse named Frieda. When this thing was confirmed with the latest episode of an Austrian man, none stopped him from earning a lot of media coverage by his attempt.

In the meantime, the state rail company OeBB spokeswoman Julianne Pamme was quoted by the Austrian News Agency APA as saying that the horses could be dangerous if the train had to pull a break suddenly.

According to the defined and definite OeBB guidelines, small and harmless animals like dogs on leashes and wearing muzzles in the closed and secure containers can be taken on trains. So, how could a large animal like horse be allowed?