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Building a big wall for preventing the infiltration

10, Jan 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

There is a great empire. This country has huge resources. There is much more land available than the present population. Therefore, it’s a rich country in the whole of the world. It has immense influence on the whole world. The king of the kingdom has unpredictable personality. Moreover, some says, he is whimsical.

The king is facing a peculiar problem. The problem of infiltration. A huge number of rats & mice enters the country through boarders. They come to this land in search of food & good life. Thus, they wants to settle on this land.trump-wall-safe-again

The king is unhappy. He wants to stop the infiltration. Therefore, he ask the adviser how to control the situation. There is a fruitful discussion. The king says, ‘I shall put the cats on duty. The cats will safe guard the boarders. They will catch the mice.’

The cats are put on the boarders. But, after few days the cats are fade up with the big mice. The cats are unable to catch the rates. Thus, they have no interest in catching the rats.

The king is now furious. Therefore, he shouts, ‘Take strong action on cats.’ But, surprisingly, all the cats resigns from the government job.

The problem still remains. The king decides to put huge number of cages. Cages here & there. Thus, they can catch the mice. But, the rats are intelligent. Not a single rate enters the cage for food. Hence, the idea fails.

The king finally decides to build a wall around the kingdom. But, manpower is required to build it. He calls the Army chief. The king orders, ‘retrieve all the military forces wherever they are. Start building the wall.’ The forces returns. But, few army officers again resigns.

The king stops the salary of the employees to raise funds. Funds for building the wall. However, the wall is ready.

The king is now happy. He now goes to the palace. The palace has a big wall around it. He sleeps with sweet dreams. The king sees a dream. A lady with a torch approaches him. She shouts, ‘What the hell you are doing? What’s that ‘shut down’? We are not narrow minded. We accept new ideas, new habitats & new philosophy. We enlighten the whole world. Be careful, otherwise the residents will show you the right path in short time.’ The king utters few words, but the lady disappears. The king wakes up but realizes that it’s a dream.

After one year

The rates & mice finds an alternate way. They enters the country by digging burrows (hole) beneath the wall. This is unnoticeable to the king.