Thursday, 21st November, 2019

China blocks US Proposal on JEM chief in UN, says, it does not represent the aspirations of Indians

12, Feb 2017 By Bhanu B

In continuation of its policy, China again blocked a US proposal to get Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar listed on a UN list of designated terrorists. This is the third time that China has hold the move to ban the JEM chief, though 14 out of 15 countries have voted for the ban.

When contacted, the Chinese envoy to the UN stated that this move represented the aspirations of Indians.

The envoy cited that China supporting Pakistan or Pakistani terrorists was not new and it had already blocked two similar proposals which were made by India. The first hold was made two years back around December 2014 after this move we expected some backlash and thought their trade with India would suffer, but to the contrary their business with India has grown tremendously.

Thier products such as mobiles and electronics are valued and accepted by the Indian people irrespective of their quality, this wouldn’t be the case if Indians are angry with China or its policies. This clearly shows that the Indians in general support Chinese policies and its hold on the UN proposals.

China as a world power considers sentiments of respective regions and accordingly act to represent the aspirations of such people in general. Hence, accordingly we will not allow these proposals in UN.

Chinese envoy also added that Indian government should consider the situation and respect people sentiment and not make unnecessary moves such as this which are against the Indian people aspirations.