Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

Concepts changed with changing time

25, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Surely and certainly what the physician William Harvey in the 16th century offered a fresh theory connecting human emotions with the central organ of the body. Its continuous functioning stays the human being breathing. But, he would never have thought of Harvey Weinstein’s pleasure with tender-hearted women. He disconnected that established concept. He came under quick criticism for this covetousness and wickedness.

What Rose McGowan had started with the indecent charges became the ground for exposing him in the “me too” post. One after another woman began hinting at their emotional sufferings. All those victimised women complained about the fragility of that treacherous time spent with him.

They were vocal and expressive against the agonies inflicted in their beautiful lives. They tolerated his presence in their lives for a moment of sheer admiration and positive reception. They appeared to have made the intimate connection so strong that their minds stopped in its tracks.

The women were breaking their long silence on the matter of sexual harassment or assaults. In the meantime, the fashion designer Georgina Chapman said that she was not a victim of her estranged husband and producer Harvey Weinstein, according to her close friend Karen Craig. She was throwing herself into her business and protecting kids. On Chapman’s husband, alleged behaviour Craig clarified she was least aware of him.

His analysis was vital to bodily processes when there was not as much of information about the particular hypothesis. It remained the source of all the fresh theories emanating from various researchers in this field. Harvey’s contribution was used for the biology learners.

He proved how the arteries and the veins formed a complete circuit which starting from the heart leads back to the heart. Its regular contractions drive the flow of blood around the whole body. He was the first person to think about the blood circulation.