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Confused by Brexit, UK to join SAARC, ASEAN, OPEC, APEC and African Union

28, Jun 2019 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

London: In a bizarre move, the United Kingdom(UK) has decided to join multiple international organisations to mitigate confusion caused by Brexit. UK will join SAARC, ASEAN, OPEC, APEC and The African Union in upcoming month. After resignation of Prime Minister May, UK parliament unanimously approved the decision.may

UK is trying to leave European Union since last couple of years. Many contentious issues, like Irish border, divorce money to EU etc, remain unsolved. There have been multiple attempts to resolve this Brexit deal with Brussels but there was no deal. Immigrants, Businesses from UK, EU have been baffled alike. “This was bound to happen. We don’t know what exactly Brexit is. Confusion has made UK to join nearly half dozen of international organisations”, said BBC political commentator. 

Leaders of OPEC, ASEAN, African Union, SAARC are equally confused by this decision. One of Leaders of ASEAN said to reporter, “We welcome UK to join us? I guess?” The UAE diplomat added in confounding tone, “OPEC is basically for oil producing countries. UK is welcome to join us but is UK oil producing country?”

Leader of African Union has offered his help to negotiate Brexit deal for UK. He told reporters, “We have negotiated many peace treaties within Africa , we are sure we can solve Brexit problem.”

Reportedly, UK parliament will send its delegates to all of above organisations to fasten to its entry process.