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Cubans use condoms differently

10, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

As Cuba reels under the decade-old trade sanctions imposed by mighty America, the people living in this country are not supposed to bear their expenses of the everyday needs. The department stores remain mostly empty.

They rather prefer eating glass than looking at the store where only expensive items are being sold. In the wake of such a crucial situation, they avoid wasting hours on an online search for their routine requirements. They are also not wasting their precious time on a quest for an insignificant business transaction.

Whatever is put for sale through importation is obtainable to them at a little higher price. This kind of inevitable trend leaves an average customer in that South American country to reach a decision after over hundred times’ consideration.

In the midst of such an odd tricky situation, they are commonly going away from the purchasing power. Stroppy shortage of essential commodities in their country is nothing exceptional. As a result, they have found out some distinct tactic to continue their lives in a difficult situation.

One of them was an application of quite cheaper condoms owing to its abundant supply in the country. These rubber pieces strong and stretchy help them use it for different purposes.

Right from the contraception and protection from the sexually transmitted diseases, Cubans are sanguinely bringing its use beyond its regular application. This is widely used as hair bands, balloons, floats, fishing hooks, fix punctures and ferment grape juice wine.

Along the sea coast, floats made from several inflated rubbers tied together move up and down the sea, carrying baited hooks of the fishing lines. The funniest use appears in a temporary winery. By covering the grape juice bottles by this kind of latex the requisite fermentation process is done amply. The alcohol proportion thus increases.