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What differs Indian & Indonesian polisi!

22, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Indians fear to tread before police while Indonesians find cop’s job just for name-sake. One 22-year-old person standing by the name of Polisi was fortunate enough in getting the police service because of his similar name. It has been clarified by the new-item that the police service has not only brought to youthful construction worker strength through it but also instant cheers to his family. His parents must have been happy over naming him Polisi which is equivalent to the police in the Indonesian language.  While in the same way, the youth must be thanking his rather old parents for keeping his name as such.

The man being the sole bread earner for his probably three-member family got his life changed wholly through this type of generosity of the Indonesian police. He was stopped while driving on the road for showing his driving license. He did not possess this essential document so he was pulled over. Solely unaware of the youth’s first name, the Indonesian police personnel were stunned to discover his name as Polisi. Later, the police following thorough enquiry understood his position as well as condition. If a vehicle owner is caught in our country, there remains no guarantee of the Indonesian police’s manner.

The most considerate and sympathetic attitude on the part of the traffic police is a rare thing. One hastily receives a copy of challan for breaking the rule. There remained much hue and cry at the ongoing traffic month. One aggrieved person even got himself on fire before a politician’s house here. His grouses were so many but a solution was not imminent. The road users particularly two-wheelers assailed the police action for their troubles arising in the traffic check-ups. They added that the traffic police focussed mainly on their driving and spared others for reasons unknown to them.