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EC gets the help of NSA for the upcoming election

19, Mar 2014 By Sarcasm

Tired EC failed to handle BJP and Congress since last many years has now AAP also. Spying on all of them is very difficult for the EC. Listening to every aspect of their speech and also analyzing their funds was never been an easy task.

The solution was an email sent by EC to get help over next election. “They will make our task very easy,” an insider insisted.

When asked about the response of the NSA over their email an insider revealed, “We sent them email on their ID. But, we got the response within 50 seconds. Later we found that they read that mail from our Sent Box actually. We are very happy that they are helping us in keeping track of all political party’s work.”

EC is now happy and their work is now to only send a Notice over information provided by the NSA.

“After increasing many PM candidates and parties, we were confused. We weren’t being able to handle all of them at the same time. We had to solve this issue. The best solution was NSA,” an insider told Faking News.

After this news went on media many parties condemned this act of EC. Many parties have sent a Notice to EC. All are now afraid of, as their every action is now being recorded by the NSA.

Later we found many parties removing that DONATE US option from their websites. Many were now writing their own speeches, many have switched off their mobiles till election.