Thursday, 21st November, 2019

"FBI told me its just a video game": Trump clarified after Syria Air strike

24, Apr 2018 By Fake Bank Officer

In a shocking interview with Faking News, US President Donald Trump has clarified that he had no intentions of attacking Syria but was actually cheated by FBI Officers who said that its just a video game,just like Counter Strike.

“These rascals told me that its just a game where you have to kill tertorists to make this world more peaceful. Had I been aware that its the actual missile attack, I would have targeted that son of a bitch  Kim Jong-un instead of wasting it on Syria.

And then I slowly pressed that button and it blasted
And then I slowly pressed that button and it blasted

Our reporter who went to deliver pizza in White House last night, had a discussion with US President. Trump told him that FBI people asked him to sit in front of a big computer screen and then encouraged him by saying that Putin is a champion in this game.

“As per their instructions, I first pressed some small buttons and then a big red button and Bang, I saw missiles flying in air. They all clapped for me and said that I have cleared level 1. Then they suggested me to update this achievement on twitter and that’s why I wrote ”Mission accomplished’. He clarified.

“And these idiots Theresa and Emmanuel still believe that it was a game” He laughed “But despite the fact that it was a real attack, I enjoyed the Game.”

Asked about chemical weapons of Syria, he expressed his ignorance and said that only chemical he had heard of is oxygen. “And its not harmful. Right?” He confirmed. “I have requested FBI to design similar games for North Korea. Oh, I forgot its my time to login to twitter and curse Putin and Kim for all the problems in the world.” He said to our reporter and immediately left.