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German embassy video that claimed several eyes

25, Apr 2015 By pongapandit

Last night a great tragedy fell upon millions of Indians when German Embassy released a video “celebrating” Bollywood featuring the ambassador himself, his wife and the erstwhile external “affairs” minister. Whoever saw this video even for 5 seconds suffered serious damages to his/her eyes and in some cases where the exposure was greater victims went into coma. At-least a million cases have been reported so far across the country and many more are expected as the video has went viral over social media. Although telecom minister has issued a warning and has also banned the video but it is too late as minutes after its release online trolls started sharing it with fake titles such as ‘sunny leone hot’ etc. Prime Minister took it to twitter and announced a 1000 crore relief package for the victims from PM relief fund and said he will share his thoughts in next “Mann ki baat”. Meanwhile health minister Mr P J Dadda has promised to setup eye camps across the country to treat the victims.

Reacting to the situation German Ambassador has released a statement and we quote “Just a couple of weeks back PM Mudi himself went to Germany and requested Germans to “make in India” so the embassy has just acted upon Prime Minister’s request and is in no way responsible for the damage caused ”. Entire opposition has united and is demanding PM’s resignation, agreeing with the German ambassador Congress spokesperson

Ganjey Jha said it is due to PM’s “Digital India” and “Make in India” initiatives that this situation has occurred. Rahul Aandhi’s office also released a statement from Bangkok saying that until we change the system and empower women these things will continue to happen and promised he will take this issue to the villages once he comes back. Helpline Numbers for Vicitms: 1800-MYEYES