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Girl meets boy at last

15, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Modern communication mode helped a Canadian boy to trace his girl. Seems like a Bollywood film story but it is more a true story reported by the Associated Free Press. It is hemmed in the Canadian conception. The boy and the girl were of the same surroundings. They were students of the university.

By using the application of e-mail a Canadian student Carlos Zetina traced down the girl whom he met at a pub on a Thursday night in Canada’s Alberta province. Of course, some may laugh at his apparently innocent decision to call every female with the first name “Nicole”. As he was desperately looking for one particular girl with the first name of Nicole, he emailed as many as 246 women at the University of Calgary in search of that very special one. This was his different way of probing the exceptional girl who handed him a wrong cell number unconsciously. Some may wonder at his deep deep-rooted pain which he was experiencing on account of his unvarying failure and disappointment at getting in touch with the girl. He seemed to be unquestionably confident that he could find her before long by using the prevailing e-mail method. He was neither unsympathetic nor impassive in his approach and this worked for him. Though some 15 women with the similar name gathered at a cafe in the campus of the University of Calgary, they ultimately reached at a decision to apprise of the situation to the actual Nicole through one reliable friend. This led the factual girl to stumble upon a final resolution. The boy learnt of her next meeting through the text message. They, at last, planned to meet separately. Other ‘Nicoles’ certainly played an important role in bringing them together. From that calendar day onward, his heart was never the same.