Government's ingenious ploy to solve Kashmir problem

26, Apr 2017 By sanand317

New Delhi: Ever since the NDA government came to power, it has made its stand clear about Kashmir and Pok (Pak Occupied Kashmir). The government has asserted on several occasions that Pok is an illegal occupation of a part of Kashmir and it belongs to India. But the rhetoric has never been matched by any action on ground to make it a reality.

But the latest internal circular of cabinet, which this newspaper has access to, could prove to be a game changer in this regard. In a daring decision the government is planning to declare the exam centres of all the exams conducted by the Union government to be in Pok.

Decision was made faster after a few Kashmiris were found throwing stones towards Pakistan border
Decision was made faster after a few Kashmiris were found throwing stones towards Pakistan border

A senior cabinet minister on the condition of being anonymous said, “The logic is simple. We have a huge underutilised pool of unemployed youth in the country. Every year lakhs of them appear in the various exams conducted by the agencies of the government. For example, last year around 11 lakh students filled the form for UPSC and 34 lakh for SSC alone. Once we include number of students appearing in other exams then these numbers become astronomical. No amount of armed assailants can overpower such a huge number of youth who are anyway desperate for Jobs. They would uproot any hindrance which would stop them from appearing in these exams. For them this would be “Do or Die” moment of their life and they would leave no stone unturned to occupy that part of Kashmir. This move also suits us as it saves our time and money.”

Rubbish Kumar, an expert on this topic, believes that this could prove to be a masterstroke by the government. “India has vast population of unemployed youth and most of them are frustrated with their lives. Through this move government can constructively channelise their frustration towards the terrorists. This way Kashmir problem can be solved without much of a hiccup.”

If officials of MEA are to be believed, the centre is planning to give one time offer to redistribute the procured land among all the successful candidates of various examinations. The area and location of land would depend on their ranks. Lower the rank, greater are the chances to get the piece of land nearer to Pakistan, and a good rank can guarantee them a place nearer to Srinagar.

This one time offer has the potential to draw almost all our unemployed youths of the country to join the ‘Holy Exam’ in largest number possible and make themselves and their country proud. MEA expects that this time number of candidates taking the exam would be slightly more than the population of whole Pakistan. This way, official further adds, we can demonstrate to the world that we are miles ahead of others as far unemployed youths are concerned.

This proves yet again that every cloud has silver lining. We never knew that our unemployed youth was our strength all these years. Had our founding father thought this way, we could have got our land way back in early 1950s itself. But it’s better late than never. May God give us more power to produce even more unemployed youths so that we can put them in best use as it is going to be the case in Kashmir. Three cheers to our unemployed youth!