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What Guru Ramdev missed in Yoga!

16, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What Yoga Guru Ramdev has missed so far come into the hands of the Americans. In recent days there has come a new version of Yoga exercise in America which has reached a level of different height among them. They adopt everything madly and publicise the concept with all the niceties of marketing worth. It appears certainly a novel idea.It is gaining impetus by the name of the Goat Yoga taking the Americans into its firm grip as they are going after this different pose for the past several days. This unique kind of Yoga exercise tells something far different from the normal practising postures. What is occasionally not picked up by the Indians becomes instantly popular in the distant Trump’s land. Young and old are bodily toiling to keep up a distinct composure in the form of trendily fresh exercise.

This hottest fitness fad in the United States of America has made the learners practice their exercising routines with a new enthusiasm. Strangely enough, the workouts do also take place on the farms. The dwarf goats jump on the back of the individuals getting the exercise. They feel the only one of its kind warmth of animals quietly lying on the straw in the open under the big sun. They even breathe out and pull the navel to spine amid the goats’ bleating sounds. The arrogant goats are sometimes seen munching on the hairs, licking the faces and answering call of nature upon the exercising individual. Despite these oddities, the people are happy and interacting with the goats in order to relieve their stress and frustration. Some of them are overheard saying the happiness the goats bring is immense. These novel yoga poses seem a greeting distraction from the worries, agonies and troubles compelling to go over the stretches.