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Harvard to give honorary management degrees for successful completion of Game of Thrones

03, Aug 2017 By pankajkalan

Following the latest trend of making official announcements through twitter, Harvard has announced that they will be offering honorary degrees in management to everyone watching the entire series of Game of Thrones. It will be subject to a small test at the end of the series, the details of which will be announced later. The graduation ceremony will be held in 2020 (or whenever the season 8 ends).

Prof. Khaleesi going to give her first lecture
Prof. Khaleesi going to give her first lecture

“Game of thrones teaches more about management than a four year degree at Harvard. Basic management principles like ‘learning from previous mistakes’ (Stark reference), ‘resource management’ (Tyrion reference) and ’trying not to get killed’ (entire GOT characters reference) are taught really well throughout the series”, the director of the university told our reporter.

This news was welcomed by everyone. This included the aspiring MBA candidates who secretly study for CAT while being on bench in IT companies as well as their managers who consider themselves too old to actually go to a full time management school. Some students are even planning to drop out of engineering and start watching the series full time (which they unofficially already do). The popular MBA schools like IIM (Ichalkaranji Institute of Management) are in fear to miss a lot of young talent (and their rich parents) because of this move. On the other hand, the plan of a local college to start giving PhDs in physics for watching Salman Khan’s movies was cancelled when H. C. Verma threatened to do a satyagraha.

There have been rumors of the university planning to give a minor degree in sex education if the viewer particularly concentrates during the relevant adult scenes. And considering the increase in content of such scenes in the latest seasons, a possibility of a double degree cannot be rejected. Teenagers are rejoicing at this rumors calling them as ‘sone pe suhaga’. Khaleesi Ma’am was said to be trending as ‘favorite teacher’ on online polls.

Edit: As per the latest update, it has been announced that the mandatory test for this degree will require the candidate to answer who will be sitting on the throne at the completion of the series. And the degree will be valid only if the prediction turns out to be correct. This move is being criticized by everyone and said to be “more difficult than cracking the UPSC”. There has been accusations that this data will be used by the professors for betting in the black markets and win the prize money, which is believed to be a couple of million dollars.

Disclaimer: The writer was completely out of mind (and probably drunk) while writing this article. So this entire thing should be taken as a babbling without reference to anything in real life.