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Both Harvey (s) toiled with soft organ

26, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There was one English physician William Harvey who explained how the blood circulates inside the heart’s chamber and how it works through the human’s significant body organ. Its continuous functioning stays the human being breathing. He was the first person to describe the blood’s circulation in the human body. He showed that the arteries and the veins form a complete circuit. The circuit starts at the heart and leads back to the heart. The heart’s regular contractions drive the flow of blood around the whole body.

His analysis was vital to bodily processes in the 16th century and it was the basis of all the fresh theories emanating from various researchers in this field. Harvey contribution was indeed quite useful and fruitful for the biology learners. He was the man who connected human emotions with the central organ of the body. While another disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein (65) whom Rose McGown exposed to the indecent charges breaking the story open big. This accusation paved the way for more than 30 women to accuse him in the “me too” post.

The women were breaking their long silence on the matter of sexual harassment or assaults though he denied the sex was not consensual. They now felt no compunction in hinting at the sufferings experienced by them. For his covetousness and wickedness, he was criticisms. All those victimised women now bemoaned the fragility of those treacherous time spent with him.

They were now vocal and expressive against the agonies inflicted in their beautiful lives. They tolerated his presence in their lives for a moment of sheer admiration and positive reception. They appeared to have made the intimate connection so strong that their minds stopped in its tracks and the only thought that seemed to be remaining now was ‘we hate Weinstein’.