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Hollywood actress Natalie Portman's decision to name her second baby as Hitler sparks outrage in Israel

21, Dec 2016 By manithan

Jerusalem: Hollywood actress and a prominent Israeli Jew Natalie Portman is expecting her baby anytime soon. And even before she has delivered her baby, she has delivered fodder for waves of outrages surrounding the name of her baby.

In an interview to an entertainment weekly reporter, pregnant Portman was asked whether she had decided upon the name of her about-to-be-born baby. Rolling her pretty eyes, she had replied, “Yes! We had decided upon the name of my second baby. It is going to be Adulf Hitler. The name Hitler originally means ‘one who lives in hut’. Since, my baby was formed when we were in a resort modeled as individual huts, we decided to name him as Hitler. I’m a historian and this name is a well thought one.”

Can the yet-to-be-born kid (hidden in this image) of Natalie Portman whitewash the evilness associated with the name Hitler?
Can the yet-to-be-born kid (hidden in this image) of Natalie Portman whitewash the evilness associated with the name Hitler?

The weekly and many other newspapers like New York Times and Guardian gushed about the brave choice of Portman in naming her son as Hitler. Pop singer Madonna tweeted, “Let the new kid Hitler be as compassionate and well-mannered as Hillary and rewrite the name of original mass murderer Trump… oops, Hitler.”

But, Natalie’s decision to name her son as Hitler ricocheted over the streets of Israel, as several Jews spewed their hate in Twitter and Facebook. A prominent Internet Jew, David Perez, had tweeted, “Portman is an Israeli Jew. And Jews all over the world are pained by her decision of naming her son as Hitler. Hitler murdered millions of Jews. #NoToHitler”

Many self-acclaimed patriots of Israel aka right-wing communal Jews started abusing the Black Swan star in her Twitter profile. One such user had mentioned Natalie and had tweeted, “You are a shame to Jews. Your great grandfather had named his son as Yehuda and you name your son as Hitler. You are a disgrace to your family, Natalie!” Even few more Israelis had abused the fetus and wished for miscarriage.

An online opinion writer masquerading as journalist came out in support of Natalie. “Natalie can be an Israeli Jew and yet name her son as Hitler. Not all who are named as Hitler turn out to be as evil as their namesake. That too, she has named her son as Adulf and not Adolf. So, it is not the same. By the way, it is her kid and why can’t she name her son as Hitler? If Jews are so miffed at this name, why did they allow their kids to be named David or Solomon, who had also killed Jews in wars? Hypocrisy?”