Monday, 9th December, 2019

Huge drop in engineering aspirants after maid in Manhattan case

26, Dec 2013 By Prasad NP

New York/New Delhi:  The association of Engineering colleges of India has mentioned in a press release that there is  a 25% drop in applications for the IIT JEE applicants this year compared to last year. The small regional colleges are suffering even worse, as some of them  have seen the applications drop to almost 50%.

We tried to find out the real reason for sudden drop in aspirants to prestigious IITs and other colleges.  Vidyarthi Kumar who has been trying to get in to IIT for last 3 years mentioned-

” I have dropped my plans to join IIT, and then fly to USA as and look for a job in USA, as I have found a much easier way to go USA” on further probing Mr. Kumar mentioned that he is trying to get  a job as a domestic help with a family in US, this way all he has to do is work for a few months, then he can claim that he has been ill-treated and his Uncle Sam jee will grant him Green Card and also fly his mummy jee, daddy jee and even pet dog jee to USA.

” As an engineer you only get to go yourself and pay for everybody else in your family, but if you are a domestic help in USA, specially with a diplomat then you are given special status, not only Uncle Sam jee will fly my whole family on a special VISA but also pay for them,” qith a big grin on his face he mentioned, like a Jedi.

” Have you ever  heard that an engineer or his family has been flown to US on US Tax payers money? but maids they are different sir and Uncle Sam jee has a special corner for them.”

Well we have never heard of the same at Faking news, last heard the US government is under a few Trillion Dollars of debt, and a few months ago had to shut down because of lack of funds due to a a cap on further borrowing. During the shut down thousands of  Uncle Sam jee’s employees had to sit at home because Uncle Sam jee was not able to pay their salaries.

But without worrying about any further debt Uncle Sam jee swung in action and flew the maid’s family to US paying by the hard earned Tax Dollars of US citizens.

In a separate development the Mexican Maid Association has slammed the development and blamed Uncle Sam jee that while hundreds of Maids from Mexico fear being deported by US Immigration officials this special treatment to an Indian Maid and her family clearly smells of a conspiracy  and they plan to take on the streets of Manhattan to oppose the same.

We will keep you posted on the developments. In the mean time there is a sudden increase in advertisement for finishing schools for maids and butlers in most of the small towns in India.