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Imran Khan diagnosed with PINE (Proof is not enough) syndrome

26, Feb 2019 By MadinIndia

Imran Khan is the latest politician to fall victim to the “PINE syndrome” (Proof is not enough). It usually afflicts politicians in power when they stop seeing the things that are evident or were supported by them earlier. Most Pakistani politicians have suffered from this dreaded syndrome in the past especially when there are militant attacks on India and its civilians.

I need at least THESE many proofs
I need at least THESE many proofs

The symptoms include repeatedly asking for proofs, not considering them when presented; calling the presented proofs cooked up on International forums and then denying any charges leveled against them or their countrymen, sometimes even before being asked for.  Doctors believe that this syndrome should not be taken lightly and we should empathize with the sufferer as it is not their fault completely. The external factors such as not having enough support from the citizens or the army as in case of some countries, death threats leading to impaired free speech and sometimes thinking, and an enhanced agitated state can aggravate the disease.

The affliction is not new and now the sub-continent has normalized the diseased state though it should not be taken carelessly warned doctors. In extreme cases, this could lead to denial and war like conditions in unintended regions of the world.

It is notable that many prominent Indian politicians also suffer from same syndrome when asked about corruption.