Sunday, 29th March, 2020

Imran khan to handover hideout locations of Hafiz & Terrorist camps to America.

01, Aug 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

Pakistan Prime minister, Imran khan reaches America. He meets the president in the oval office. No warm welcome. But, the meeting is fruitful. Thus, both exchanges their views.

The meeting.

Imran khan admits ‘It was our intelligence agency. The agency help locate Osama bin laden. America, thus, was able to arrest him from Abbottabad. Actually, it was our helping attitude. In fact,we are really peace loving people.

Donald Trump: ‘Where is that bloody Hafiz Saeed? We want him immediately. We want to arrest him.

Imran khan: ‘O.K. Sir, I will give you full information. At present he is in the so called jail. In jail at Islamabad. However,this is only between you and me sir. Please arrest him.’

President: ‘Where are the terrorist camps then?’

Prime minister: ‘Sir, everything is out of my control. I have this map. See the camps. I invite you to bombard them.

President: ‘O.K., Good. Nice information. I pass on this to military head.

Imran khan: ‘There is one request, Sir. I want few billions of dollars. I and my state needs help. Moreover, we are in crisis. Sir, please. Hence, I have come to this office in metro train.’

President: ‘O.K., man, I will help you. But, as elections are coming, ask your American citizens to vote for me.’

Imran khan: ‘well, sir, definitely. Surely, I will do that.’

President: ‘What is the latest development in your region?’

Imran khan: ‘Sir, I invite you to solve the Kashmir problem. Thus, be the mediator.

Donald Trump: ‘O.K., I had meeting with Indian PM, Narendra Modi at G-20. He too insists that I should be the mediator. I am the president of America. We are doing well in Afghanistan. I can solve the Kashmir issue too. In a short time, we will deposit two billion dollars in your bank. In addition, we shall arrest Hafiz Saeed.

Our fighter planes will bombard terrorist camps. There should be no hue & cry, o.k.?’

Pakistan PM: ‘Sir, thank you. But, keep this meeting a secret. Thus, the conversation should be confidential.’

Thus, the meeting is over.