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India TV is behind my success for deal with Trump- Kim Jong Un

25, Jun 2018 By AdityaSachan

Recently as Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea signed deal with US President, Donald Trump. He gave a special thanks India TV for their focused coverage on his life and activities every night on their channel.

Later, Kim Jong became emotional while sharing his success credit with India TV and how he was attached.
Later, Kim Jong Un became emotional while sharing his success credit with India TV and how he was attached.

‘Yes, the supreme leader is right. Most of Indian TV channels often showed our supreme leader. But the way India TV covered him almost every night on their channel, it was amazing. At first, we got confused if North Korea has paid to get special news slot on India TV. Our people in North Korea often get mislead thinking India TV showcases Kim Jong Un as special tv series.’ says his unofficial twitter head.

‘People in North Korea love watching their supreme leader on India TV, it is popularly known as ‘Sanaki Tanashah’, which India TV refers Kim Jong Un to pay their respects. The eye paining graphics, ear blasting music and amazing commentary is what makes India TV coverage truly lifetime experience. In fact, many North Korean citizens demand special 15 rupees monthly India TV connection on their KaKa Sky satellite tv connection’, commented another fan of Kim Jong.

‘We believe Kim Jong Un is world’s best leader and we are even ‘forcefully’ taught that since childhood. We respect him, we love him, we fear him and we do everything he ‘makes’ us do. And now with same honest feelings, we feel India TV is best news channel in the world. Yes it is true! Imagine life without our supreme leader and India TV’, said true follower of Kim Jong as he ran away shouting “East or West, India TV is the best”.

There are rumors that Dictators around the world are inquiring India TV for special night slot with huge budget. And Rohit Shetty (also known as Michael Bay of India) may be hired to make things more realistic.