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Junior girl hockey players roved in Australia

12, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Nothing clears our mind like hockey dribbling on the artificial turf. Definitely, the players have wised up about the game over the years.

There was one very essential news-item carried by the Story describing our junior girl hockey players’ pathetic plight in Australia where they were left stranded for whatsoever reasons. They were on their match playing mission there.It was they who realised the actual taste of wandering in the wonderland.

Though it was not wholly confirmed whether they were on officially permitted to undertake a trip to Australia for the stated matches or it was their friendly informal competition.

As far as the Indian High Commission is concerned it made it clear that their tournament was not formally decided. The uproar seemed to have boosted up with the representation of the girl players’ miserable position by an Adelaide based taxi driver who tweeted a video to the most hospitable foreign minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj.

They did not know what to do or what not to do? They even missed their one or two matches owing to the delayed arrival at the venue. They were left stranded and unattended but the good Samaritans helped. One Gurudwara committee in Adelaide arranged a very basic need of the foods for them.

The players have their own tales of woes which were at one point in time was also brought to light by Sania Mirza owing to her being of the sports fraternity.

However, why were they left high and dry? If Argentina coach Carlos Retegui criticised the hectic scheduling of the entire 11-day world hockey league. By the way, India ended with a bronze medal by defeating Germany with a margin of one goal at Kalinga stadium at Bhuvneshwar in Orissa?

Incidentally, the International Hockey Federation did not keep a single day for in pretty longer contest which obliged some teams to play back-to-back matches without getting ample recuperation time. This plan invited strong criticism over the paucity of the relaxing time to the players throughout the matches. Therefore the mental torment tolerated by the junior hockey girl players in Australia was more painful.