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Justist Katju nominates himself for Pope. If He gets elected 'Colorful' smoke will emit

12, Mar 2013 By fakusanta

Justice Katju, Chairperson of Press Trust of India and India’s last intellectual (self claimed), has nominated himself for the post of Pope of Catholic Church.

Having a successful stint as the chairperson of PTI, he thought himself as the most eligible candidate of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, popularly known as ‘holy see’.

He also put his condition in case he gets elected in the papal election, the smoke of burnt ballot votes should ‘colorful’ rather ‘white’ to show his sense of plurality and mark of upcoming Hindu festival ‘Holi’.

He got testimonies of his credibility from Mr. Digvijay Singh, his last intellectual predecessor. Mr. Arun Jaitely with whom he had a bitter words war recently has also said that he and his party will back his candidature.