Wednesday, 19th June, 2019

King parts nobility to flutter

21, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: He is a Dutch. He is a king. He is undeniably a real king. He rules overabundant subjects. He is simply an individual without any royal ego. His recognition has spread across the world owing to the regal lineage. That King is surely not a commoner but he is in the hollow land that is famous for its natural beauties. He operates the passenger flight with the same expertise of a trained pilot. He is like our ex-prime minister Rajiv Gandhi interested in flying the aeroplane. He understands the technique of fluttering in the air. He has been following his special skill of soaring high in the sky for the past about two decades. This hobby is openly unique in itself. Being the king of a country he secures the privilege of travelling by air but discards the majestic self-esteem. He has, in turn, offered his service to the people.

If a king turns a meek, humble person, it is precisely great matter. The Netherland King W Alexander has done it superbly. None recognises him during the course of the flight as the sovereign King. His voice is seldom recognised by everyone. He is the king ruling over 1.70 crore people. He as co-pilot assists the plane’s pilot. He used to be in charge of the passenger flight also. Such a benevolent king is found in the fictional stories only. Although such caring and compassionate kings can be found in the present modern day yet there is the scarce example of such kind of unique royal family.

Monarchs and queens are generally not mixing with the general people commonly but this particular Dutch King has been ably possessing sagacity to move with one and all. Is it not a surprising and unexpected thing? Such rare instances keep us awestruck for the generosity being shown by the imperial individual at this point in time. When most of the countries are following a democratic form of government, the monarchy is rarely found on the map of the world. Great Britain is certainly an exception in this regard where monarchy sets the example in the western world.  The Dutch King has been holding the reins of Kingship since 2013 as a full-time monarch whom very few citizens distinguish him as an existent royal of the Netherlands.