Leaders cling to biased political aim

25, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Putin takes a dip into the iced-up water. Modi wipes tears during an election campaign. Rahul Gandhi trips temples. It seems a bit strange to people who are used to these kinds of political effects. It gives the impression of politicians’ docile, obedient and better enthusiasm. The political leaders adopt definite practices to pull the public in every part of the world. They have a tendency to do anything, everything for winning the elections.

They show by their actions that nothing is unsuitable for them for the political benefit. Of late, the Russian president’s awe-inspiring dip into the frozen lake water has come to the fore.

Quite admired President Vladimir Putin took a dip in the Lake Seliger’s icy-cold water. It is frozen to minus six degree Celsius. He has not hesitated to do that tough dip. That lake exists about 400 kilometres north of Moscow in western Russia. Wearing a coat made of the sheep’s skin and the knee-dip long boots, the 65-year-old communist leader dived bare-bodied in a hole cut into the iced-up lake water.

He did not feel a bit shy. Like Indian Hindus taking a holy dip in the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers at Allahabad in India, the Russian President Vladimir Putin also showed enough courage to plunge into the icy water. Does it not show his election campaign attitude?

It also showed his act akin to the Christian rite of immersion into the water symbolising purification or regeneration and admission to the Christian Church. He was actually celebrating Epiphany, a major holiday in Orthodox Christianity marking the Baptism of Jesus Christ. As president, he has become a frequent attendant of Russian Orthodox ceremonies and, has given the Church a major voice in the society. He is seeking re-election as an independent candidate for the March 2018 presidential election.