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Maria Sharapova applies for Indian Visa: Calls Indians tolerant

10, Mar 2016 By In an unexpected turn of events

Moscow: In an unexpected turn of events, Maria Sharapova said at a press conference that she is applying for Indian Visa and planning to settle there itself.

Ready to be the brand ambassador of Indian brands, starting with Pan-Masalas
Ready to be the brand ambassador of Indian brands, starting with Pan-Masalas

She got emotional and here are her exact words, “These brands like Nike and other international brands are not loyal to you. Taking drugs or not is my personal thing and these brands have become very personal on the same. It is not good to link professional and personal life.

Even the likes of Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Wayne Rooney, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps were not spared of the brand cancellation whiplashes. Whereas brands and people in India are very tolerant, they don’t bother about our personal deeds. They only care about the false stardom we portray.

Classic example is that of Salman Khan, he was involved in the black-buck case and hit and run case, but he still has brand endorsements of Thums UP, Wheel, Revital, Yatra, SCOTT, Relaxo, Suzuki and others.

Not only the people and the system fail to recognize his murder of black buck and innocent man on the pavement, they have acquitted him of all charges as well. How I wish , even Australian doping test unit also acquit me of all charges by taking bribe. These Australians have to learn a lot from Indian Judiciary”.

She also admitted that this drug Meldonium is bad for the memory as well. Under its influence only, she once said she didn’t know the cricket god, Sachin Tendulkar.

Having said all these, we inquired where she wants to locate in India. She said she is keen to move to Chennai. Reason being it is the hottest place that can accommodate her hot quotient. She is also ready to change her name to Maria Palkova if she is allowed to relocate.