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“Mark didn’t change his profile picture even after our marriage or honeymoon”: Mrs. Zuckerberg

28, Sep 2015 By geesundar

Less than 24 hours after Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg changed his profile picture to support the Digital India movement, his wife Priscilla Chan has shocked the media with concerns of her husband’s profile pictures.

Priscilla Chan angry over Mark Zuckerberg's changed profile pic for the first time
Priscilla Chan angry over Mark Zuckerberg’s changed profile pic for the first time

Speaking to Faking News, USA Ms. Chan said, “Mark and I have been married for the last three years. Right from the days of our dating to our wedding and honeymoon days, Mark had not fulfilled the most basic requirement for men, by not using our couple pics as his profile picture. While this has always upset me for the last 3 years, what he has done yesterday has shocked me beyond belief. After being so adamant for the last three years, to see him change his profile picture just for Mr. Modi, has been disgusting and has made me highly suspicious of his love towards me”.

This startling revelation comes at a time when Modi’s visited Facebook HQ has been criticized for not addressing key issues including the increasing number of Candy Crush and Criminal Case Requests, honeymoon pictures, pouting women pictures, and the compulsory Facebook Messenger App.

This burst out by Ms. Chan is sure to add to the controversy surrounding the Zuckerberg and Modi meet. Meanwhile, Indian Twitter was bristling with Twitterati labeling Zuckerberg as an “Adarsh liberal”, after his profile picture had more of Saffron compared to the green and the white of the Indian tri-colour.

The next few days promises some interesting action. Watch out for this space.