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Modi flower: The real story

06, Jul 2017 By samy

There has been a lot of euphoria in India over Israel naming the Chrysanthemum flower after Indian PM Narendra Modi. The grapevine says there is a background to this naming.

Traditionally these flowers are known to have various applications. They are used for decoration due to their colourful nature. Plus they are used as greens in food and even used to flavour a specific variety of rice wine. One of the most important applications is to manufacture insecticide The problem started when people employed in these agencies were unable to spell or pronounce the word “Chrysanthemum”.modi-2-1

It may be noted that most people employed in above industries were not highly educated and the spelling itself was complex and difficult to remember. Moreover, the flower are procured for various applications across different nations. Each nation has a special way to pronounce the name and it was difficult to have a consistency in pronunciation. This was leading to lots of confusion in the trade (what with there being several colours and multi-coloured varieties of the flower being available).

The Florist Trade is dominated by Jewish businessmen. They were in touch with the Israeli govt who thought of a novel idea. It was identified that the confusion was on account of the difficult spelling.

At the same time, PM Modi was expected to visit Israel and the govt thought about a novel idea. the flower to be renamed after Modi seemed to be an ideal solution.

This would help make the spelling and pronunciation easier as well as consistent and also help bridges with a nation whose PM was visiting Israel for the first time.

Thus, the decision to name the Chrysanthemum after Modi.