Thursday, 21st November, 2019

New evidence from NASA suggests there may be water in the Breakroom

17, Feb 2018 By Kevin Hamilton

Adam, 36, is hard at work in his NASA cubicle. The time is 9:45, the rest of the team is returning from their mandatory 15 minute break. Adam hasn’t gone to break yet.

Finally he searched!
Finally he searched!

“I just needed to finish something up real quick.” He reveals. “Plus I kinda like to take my break after the rest of the team. I can put whatever I want on the TV.”

As the team herds back to their cubicles, Adam notices that quite a few of his coworkers are carrying bottles of water all from the same brand.

“Sometimes they put a case of waters in there for the team.” He states. “I hope there’s some left, I’m pretty thirsty.”

Adam’s lips bear the white residue of a man who is indeed quite parched.

Now, as Adam finally gets up from his desk and heads for the breakroom, we are left to wonder what exactly he will find once he enters his clandestine dwelling of recess and basic cable.

A sign of life, perhaps? He certainly hopes not. But a certain clear, life sustaining liquid?

Seems likely.