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Obama proclaims, "US won't participate in any further war, Abki baar Modi Sarkar"

14, Apr 2014 By akshaytiwari4

Special Correspondent, New Delhi, New York, Los Angeles, London, Ukraine. In an amazing turn of events celebrities around the world have unanimously decided to support Narendra Modi, BJP’s PM candidate for the 2014 general elections.

Inspired by his marketing gimmicks, 3D speeches and ‘developing the notion of development in a developing economy’, leaders and celebrities across the globe have made remarks in their tweets, facebook updates and press releases in the past 24 hours, declaring their support.

Narendra Modi
Modi thanking for the support

A release from the White House said, “US won’t participate in any further war; Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar!”

Leading ‘international’ rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh tweeted: “Vodke ki peeta hu main bottle only chaar, but abki baar Modi Sarkaar”

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin in his nasty Russian accent stated, “Natalia Poklonskaya wasn’t the reason behind us going too far, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar 😉 “

Miley Cyrus was all for Modi when she said, “Twinkle twinkle twerk a little star, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”

An erstwhile great Pakistani batsman was seen commenting, “Inshah Allah, Ladkon ne world cup mein fir haraya hai zordar, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”

In a shocking statement, famous diplomat and representative of the intelligentsia, Digvijay Singh remarked, “Desh ko hai Baba ki intelligent strategies and good governance ki darkaar, par Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”

Pope’s tweet has further steamed Modi’s cause, which said, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy spirit thus far, Ab ki baar Modi sarkar”

Representing Hollywood, Kate Winslet in a statement said, “Near, far, wherever you are; Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”

Acclaimed musician and multi-Grammy nominee, Himesh Reshmaiya said, “Tera pyar pyar pyar, Hookah Bar; But Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar”

Sidhu has meanwhile forcibly remarked:

“Sooraj se chamak le k chamakne wale ko sitara nahi kehte,

Sahil pe jo chal pade usse kinara nahi kehte,

Door se aati awaz ko awara nahi kehte,

Abki baar Modi Sarkar” (Agencies have been searching for the rhyme there)

When asked to comment, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “Thik hai”