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Overcharge ired Japanese in Venice

25, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Although this problem is directly related to the Italian restaurant, yet such concern is realised at almost every eating place anywhere in the world. Charging too much is a common problem for the tourists. Such a case has come lately at a restaurant near St. Marks’s Square in Venice of Italy. The Japanese approached the eatery where they got enraged with the trend of the overcharge. Visiting from an entirely distant continent, the sour experiences blew them away.

The restaurant owner serving the simple basic meal seemed to have dominated over them. The owner demonstrated how he let them put in a strained and edgy position. The Japanese were finding no way improper to feel about anything else. Other than that, they did not know whether they should complain or restrain themselves from entangling into a tight corner. The Japanese could not stop themselves from raising a strong objection.

Obstacles that seemed to be standing in their way were practically huge; however, they did take nothing for granted. They approached the police to make a complaint regarding the bistro’s very high demand for payment for just four streaks, a plate of fried fish, water and service. In their complaining stance, they told the police they were forced to initiate a payment of 970 pounds for a basic meal.

They were so furious at this exorbitant charge that even the city’s mayor acted. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said: “If this disgraceful episode is confirmed, we’ll do we can to punish responsibly.” That meal did not include even booze, as the reports stated. The city’s mayor demanded a stop to such abhorrent practice on the part of the restaurant owners. This news report is full with interestingly divergent attitudes on who is to be blamed, and how much they should be blamed and how each party behaved in the matter.