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Pak parliament passes resolution: Demands world cup from ICC

07, Mar 2019 By newsfaker
Imran Khan celebrating world-cup win
Imran Khan celebrating world-cup win

Islamabad: After demanding Nobel peace prize for Imran Khan, Pakistan’s parliament has passed another resolution asking ICC to confer this year’s Cricket world cup to Pakistan. After India’s strike on terror camps in Pakistan, Imran Khan has started making gestures of peace. Earlier in one gesture he released India’s pilot.

Conferring World cup to Pakistan team will give another opportunity to Imran Khan to make another one of such gestures by urging the world cricket teams not to fight in the cricket ground for the world cup. Cricket turned politician Imran Khan knows the fight in the cricket ground well himself by his own personal experience.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is going to fly to different cricket playing nation in PAF’s F-16 to meet his counterparts and persuade them to agree to the resolution passed by the parliament.

He had written letters to OIC to gather their support in the same regard but OIC but OIC turned his request down saying that we don’t play cricket and so we are not going to interfere in this matter. It is worth noting that Pakistan is a founder member of OIC.