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Pakistan based Terrorists to post abusive messages against Islam to gain entry to India

11, Apr 2017 By abrakadabra

New Delhi: Taking cue from the deportation of an Indian man from UAE after he wrote derogatory messages against Islam and abused a Journalist on social media, many terrorists of Al Qaida, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jama’at-ud-Da’wah are said to have started learning the nitty gritty of social media to gain access to India.

Their plan is simple, post offensive messages to Indian celebrities and write against Islam and get deported to India. Only Problem they see is that to write against Islam will be a sin but for greater cause of destroying infidels in India, they are ready to commit this Gunaah (sin). “We hope Allah will understand and grant us some virgins if not all of 72”, said one of the terrorists while returning from cyber Café where classes are being run by their organization to hone their social media skills and teach English.

The increased vigil and offensive strategy of Indian army to eliminate the terrorists rather than capturing them alive has made it very difficult for them to cross over from Pakistan to India.

After numerous attempts, Faking news reporter was successful in contacting one of the terrorists, Saleem  Dum Pukht In Pakistan. In response to the reporter’s query that how can they be deported to India when they are not Indian citizens, he said that its very easy to get an Indian passport. By paying a few thousand Indian rupees, even in old currency of 500 and 1000 notes one can get a fresh Indian passport made to order. Although, to get a fancy address of Mumbai or Delhi you have to shell extra money.

One young terrorist who appeared to be a new recruit started pondering that why they have to destroy one Jannat (heaven) here on earth to get another one in afterlife. Moment he shared his thought a senior terrorist reprimanded him and told him to read his prayers more to dispel such impure thoughts.

When this reporter tried to argue that still they will not be deported to India as they have not traveled from India to Pakistan, they said, “We don’t have so much brains to think, else why we would have become terrorists? We have left this work to our mentors, Pakistani Army Generals.”