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Pakistan to celebrate Diwali this year to help China by buying Chinese products

23, Oct 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

Sometimes the rivalry becomes so intense that in order to hurt someone, one ends up becoming idiotic.

In order to snub India, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has announced that Pakistan will celebrate Diwali this year just like India do as it will help its all weather friend China. Pakistan will buy Chinese products and distribute them to people of Pakistan for free. This announcement has come after the call for boycott of Chinese goods in India has started showing its impact.

Made in China poster of Pakistan
Made in China poster of Pakistan

Every year during Diwali there is lot of demand for Chinese lights, candles, crackers and other decoration related items. But since China is not ready to acknowledge Pakistan’s role in sponsoring and spreading terrorism, people in India have called for boycott for Chinese products.

While Pakistan is getting snubbed by lot of countries it is still enjoying the ‘Friends with Benefits’ type of favors from China and in return it is trying all it can do to appease China. In Pakistan media, this decision of Nawaz Sharif’s government is being hailed as equivalent to the  “surgical strike” carried out by India sometime back.

A fanatic cricket fan of ‘Mauka Mauka’ fame from Pakistan, Manzoor said, “I will keep the crackers given by Pakistan government for 2019 cricket world cup so that if Pakistan is able to defeat India he can burst them then. He has been saving crackers for this moment since 25 years”.

According to sources terrorists in Pakistan are also happy with this decision of government as they are planning to reuse the gun powder of crackers in making bombs. Similarly, people of Pakistan who don’t get electricity are looking forward to get free candles from government.

Indian journalists such as Barkha Dutt who see India Pakistan relationship as a romantic affair instead of a political affair has welcomed this development. Barkha tweeted, “Pakistan celebrating Diwali will help both nations to come closer and I would love to fire rocket from Islamabad”. She ignored the fact this closeness between India and Pakistan in itself is the cause of all tensions. If Pakistan and India were separated by few oceans it would have been so easy for India to live in peace and prosper.