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Pakistan to gift bunch of hand grenade to MBS in his next visit

26, Feb 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

It’s really great. They have given a valuable gift. A valuable gift to the VIP guest MBS- Mohammed bin Salem-the prince of Saudi Arabia. A gold plated gun as a gift.

Reliable sources says that the gift was chosen by the Army of Pakistan. Thus, army is supreme in Pakistan.In fact, Prime-minister is only a puppet. Hence, the army has given symbolic gift to MBS. A gift for the destruction. A weapon of destruction. A weapon to kill. Thus, the army of Pakistan is going to gift him a bunch of hand grenades on his next visit.

Sources reports that 20 billion of rupees help is given to Pakistan. Moreover, the Prime-minister has handed over this money to the army. The military in turn will pass the funds to the terrorist groups. The terror groups are known for mass destruction. Hence, they understand the language of gun only. Even the Prime minister Imran Khan & his army understands the language of gun only.

Pakistan's special gift to Saudi Prince- Specially imported from China
Pakistan’s gift to Saudi Prince- Specially imported from China

Hence, gun is important for them & for their culture & for their society. It’s really a gun culture. Moreover, it seems that the youth loves to have gun in their hands rather than laptops & books.

The gift is a symbol to support MBS. Even to support & praise the suspicious murder of journalist Khashoggi. It was to support & praise MBS to continue fight with Shia groups in Yemen. To fight with & eradicate Shia Muslims for the dominance in the region. That’s the power of gun. Thus, again a symbol of destruction.

But, we Indians welcome our guest in a different way. We offer white flowers & welcome our guest. White flowers symbolize peace. They represent prosperity. Thus, we believe in peace & not destruction. We believe in progress & harmony. But, if someone understand the language of the gun only, the Indian Army is the best in the world to answer.