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Pakistan: Television companies suffered huge loss this season

22, Jun 2017 By PutinKaNaati

TV manufacturers were all set for the festival called India-Pakistan cricket match. This resulted in huge disappointment as it did not end in the traditional way as expected.

TV Lover giving one final hug before match started
TV Lover giving one final hug before match started

Asim Garg (Head opportunist sale, BPLG ) shared his grief with Faking news. He said that we were eyeing Pakistan market as they have tradition to celebrate India’s victory in every ICC tournament by breaking TV sets. We were working on packaging and suddenly news came that Pakistan has won the final. Whole board of directors went shocked.

I thought we should target Indian market as they may celebrate their neighbor’s victory this time. But no use as most of the fans are heading towards intellect now a days. Instead of breaking TV sets, some fans burnt the news papers next morning and some of them stayed calm with explanation it happens in sports. “Win or loose, team India is what we choose” fans added.

I believe this is the effect of FN, AIB and all the stand-up comedians which forced people to use their brains now a days.