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Pakistan and USA bans PUBG, asks people to keep using guns in real life than in games

18, Jan 2019 By sameer mahawar

The increasing craze of online multi-player game “Players Unknown Battle Ground” or commonly known as PUBG has kept users stick to their mobile screens than using their time for productive works. After scrolling their social media accounts and tik-tok for unnecessary reasons, playing PUBG has become the second best past time for the youth.


The most affected are the economies of two peace friendly nations. Yes you guessed it right. The people of the USA and Pakistan have been so indulged in the game that slowly they are forgetting that their country men have being doing the same in real life even before the game got released.

The Government of both these countries showed their concern when a report released by United Nations Peacekeeping body mentioned that shooting incidents in both these countries have shown a sudden downfall. People are spending more on mobile phones while the guns are remaining unsold.

Since then the governments have advised its people to do things at which they are good at and has banned PUBG.

Donald Trump tweeted, “Americans are not doing much to keep the USA in news. No new shooting incident is getting recorded in CCTVs. What’s their use then? We have such a big defence budget but what’s the use when arms and ammunition aren’t used by general public? Also, there is a slowdown in demand from Pakistan’s side. It’s too fast for them to act on China’s orders.”

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has also raised some similar concerns on the addiction of PUBG. He said, “Since when we have mobile phones in hands and not grenades? Since when we are teaming up and not attacking each other? Please go out and keep the fatal atmosphere of Pakistan alive. Our country must not be this peaceful.”

The youth of Pakistan is ridiculing its government’s decision to ban the game as it was the only place where they had the hope of getting chicken dinner.