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Pakistani student shows placards urging to end war with India, ISI marks her as Ahmadi

01, Mar 2017 By manithan

Rawalpindi: A final year student from Jinnah National University (JNU) has been on the crosshairs of almost 99% of Pakistanis, after she displayed placards in a recorded video urging Pakistan to end the war with India.

Gurmabibi Khan, final year arts student of Jinnah National University, published a video in her Facebook profile. In that video, she was shown sitting stern wearing a black niqab from head to toe. We could not make out her face or her expressions, all we could see were placards written in both Urdu and English. First placard said that, she had lost her father to war and the second placard that Pakistan should immediately end its war with India. Her final placard said that ‘India did not kill my father, bomb did’.

Pakistani feminists not trending #WeStandwithGurmaBibi, instead standing really with her in this photo.
Pakistani feminists not trending #WeStandwithGurmaBibi, instead standing really with her in this photo.

We tried reaching Gurmabibi Khan, but she was out of reach. Since her face was not displayed in her profile, we were unable to identify her place of residence. But, her video attracted several ‘condomnations’ from Pakistanis.

While this controversy was brewing, ISI, in a press release, identified Gurmabibi Khan as an Ahmadi. The release said that ‘her parents believe that ..(sic).. their whole family is Ahmadiyaas. She is 100% an Ahmadi.’ The declaration by ISI brought many peaceful groups to go search for weapons in their backyard and garages. Several groups were scouting the entire Rawalpindi and searching the JNU campus, trying to find any woman who fits the figure displayed in the video.

A close friend of Gurmabibi who was also fully covered in niqab, on conditions of anonymity, said, “We are scared for her life. She is under cover now. She is now in hiding now.” When we tried to express to her that she was already under cover even in the video, the woman paced away to a small hut. Her physical characteristics matched that of Gurmabibi though.

Meanwhile, latest news arriving from media states that Gurmabibi’s father did not work in Pakistani army. Rather, he was part of LeT who went to India on a suicide mission and by war, she had meant proxy war. When rounded by Indian army, he had blown his vest and died on the spot. “Inshalla, but he is still a Shaheed. A Martyr! Hope he doesn’t turn out to be an Ahmadi, as they say..”, sighed an university professor.