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‘Presence of Dark Lords can make the world a cooler place’– Resolution at Paris Climate Accord

08, Jun 2017 By manithan

Paris: Countries participating in the Paris Climate Accord have unanimously agreed that presence of Dark Lords across the world can make the world a cooler place.

At the meeting to agree upon its details, world leaders and climate scientists were involved in a discussion about how to make the world a cooler place.

At the heart of the discussion about global warming, eminent scientists from France got up and read something from a letter, “Thanks for giving me this opportunity to here. I have a radical solution for ending the global warming – by bringing in more Dark Lords across the world.”Harry-Potter-and-Lord-Voldemort-harry-potter-and-lord-voldemort-7346402-1031-618

Gauging the changing emotions across the hall, the scientist immediately continued, “Honourable world leaders must listen to me carefully. Do you remember the movies that you had seen? Mostly the movie that involves good fighting evil and winning it finally? The world will be darker place until the villain aka the Dark Lord is killed. Take for instance – Harry Potter. When Lord Voldemort is killed, the clouds give way to the sunshine. But what happens after that? No movies show you that.”

“Harry Potter happily weds and begets. But the sun keeps shining. Global temperature soars. Glaciers melt at the Arctic. Ice breaks at the Antarctic. Bangladesh loses one of its islands. Cyclones tear apart the Philippines. Forest fires destroy a part of California wild forest. Famine wrecks a country in Africa. Floods create havoc in France.”, the scientist ended with the entire hall turned into silence.

“Lord of Rings. Countless Marvel movies. All of them showed to us one thing, that the presence of Dark Lord can make the world a cooler place. If you let your Hero or Superhero to kill them, then the world suffers from global warming. So, I hereby suggest the world leaders let Dark Lords run the world until we reduce the consequence of global warming.” the scientist concludes his speech, followed by a round of applause.

After the rousing speech, a vote was held in place and nearly 95% of the world voted in favor of a Dark Lord not being killed or thrown away and to arrest all the heroes cum superheroes. Also, UN pressed the world countries to stop sanctions on North Korea, Iran, and Syria and also urged Saudi Arabia to increase their influence across the world, thereby making the world a cooler place.

Meanwhile, anti-Trump activists at the USA were confused whether to let him continue as President or impeach him thereby risking the surge in global warming.