Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Putin plunges to purify or perform well

20, Jan 2018 By shakeel ahmad

In Russia, the President Vladimir Putin has taken a dip in icy waters in minus six degree Celsius in the Lake Seliger, found about 400 kilometres north of Moscow in western Russia. Our prime minister too was seen wiping his tears during the Gujarat polls. Leaders can do everything to win the elections.

He is seeking re-election in Russian presidential election in March, this year. This icy dip shows the leader in full poll campaign form compelling him to complete this ritual for his political motive. However, the media reports indicate that he is not any great danger of losing the presidentship election.

Clearly, he is running as an independent candidate for the 2018 presidential bid. If everything remains just right as official figures indicate Putin is sure to gain a comfortable win in the March voting. These sorts of displays play in a good way in long-time leader’s core constituency and his strongman’s image.

Like Indian traditions when the Hindus are taking a dip in Holy waters of Sangam at Allahabad, far off the Ganges President Putin also plunged into the icy water to celebrate Epiphany, a major holiday in Orthodox Christianity marking the Baptism of Jesus Christ.

Baptism is the Christian rite of sprinkling water on to a person’s overhead or of immersing the individuals in water symbolising purification or regeneration and admission to Christian Church.

Wearing a coat prepared out of sheep’s hide and knee-dip long boots the 65-year-old leader approached the lake water and then stepped bare bodied in a hole cut in the ice on frozen Lake Seliger before crossing himself.

He grew up under communist rule when open shows of religion are frowned upon. As president, he has become a frequent attendant of Russian Orthodox ceremonies and, has given the Church a major voice in the society.