Return of Taliban: American president retrieves military forces

19, Sep 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

The president Donald Trump announces retrieval of the military forces from Afghanistan. The people welcomes the decision. Thus, they celebrates. They celebrates because, millions of dollars are spent over the seventeen years. In addition, large number of soldiers lost their lives.

The President to the public

Ladies & gentleman, we are the winners, we are the winners, yes, we are the winners. The public does not understand what he is saying. Is he joking? Anyhow, in fact, he is a whimsical & hilarious man. Besides that, public continue with their celebrations.

The military chief

The chief and also army officers denies to go back. They want to fight because they are the programmed robots.Therefore,they are the war machines. Thus,they wants to fight, anywhere, anytime & any country. Fight to win. They do not understand that they are the biggest losers in the battlefield.

The meeting with Taliban

The president says, friends, we are not here to rule you, we are here for development & for peace. We were friends (20 years back!) & will remain friends. Finally, the meeting is fruitful.Then, the chief Mullah accepts to participate in the government.  (Adopting soft policy!)

The dinner diplomacy

All Taliban groups remain present for dinner. But, all with weapons & original Taliban dress! It’s the first time, they sees colorful arrangement. The great fragrance of tasty food, never seen. They rush towards the dining table. Who will occupy the first table? There is dispute which results in a clash and moreover, results in firing. Thus,the firing injures two of them. The president interrupts & says, gentleman, you are now civilized. Be calm & polite.

Thus, the matter is over. They learns to celebrate.

The Afghani people hopes for a new change which will bring peace & prosperity.

The president in breaking news says, I have changed my mind on Afghanistan. I will send more troops. However, secretary reminds of the decision & the president confess his mistake.